The Big Idea

Parking – the perennial problem for all of us. We spend an average of 1.6 days a year just looking for spaces to park.

The Local Government Parking Summit 2019 will explore all the key challenges and issues relating to managing parking in cities and town centres across Australia.

The challenges of city and town parking:

Smart parking isn’t just a matter of having enough spaces for drivers who need to park, it’s about whether drivers can locate those empty spaces so that they can get off the road quickly. Studies have found that Australians spend on average over 15 minutes per journey looking for parking.  Not only does this increase the amount of time spent on the road per car, which worsens traffic, but these drivers also tend to drive more slowly than other road users who aren’t looking for parking. This significantly slows the flow of traffic, leading to frustration, increased road traffic accidents and poor air quality.

Technology is transforming the parking experience and increasing revenues for many cities and towns, however deciding on what technology or strategy to adopt is preventing many from taking the step to deploying. Getting parking right is essential to creating vibrant and liveable economic centres.

LGPS 2019 will help you shape the future of your city or town by giving you the right information and shared experience from early adopters and industry experts.

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