2020 partners include:

  • Smarter City
    Networking partner
    Smarter City

    Since 2008 Smarter City Solutions has been motivating a transformation in the parking industry, with a focus on cloud-based integrated technologies. Being innovators, not imitators, Smarter City Solutions has studied the market and identified areas where there is a need for something new. Where conventional thinking was just not cutting it, Smarter City Solutions developed solutions that are future-proof, sustainable and customer-focused, igniting a revolution not an evolution.

    From virtual permit systems utilising Robotic Process Automation to modular infringement issuance and lifecycle management systems. From IoT sensors to cloud based off-street car park management systems. All proven. All integrated.

    With new and exciting developments being introduced regularly by Smarter City Solutions, there’s no limit to how Smart your City could be.