• Amy Boyd
    Program Director Strategy & Implementation , Ballarat City Council

    As the Program Director Strategy & Implementation, Amy is one of the architects behind the City of Ballarat’s Smarter Parking rollout which is transforming Ballarat’s CBD parking.

    Amy says “number plate recognition is helping the City of Ballarat understand parking behaviour and it allows us to monitor areas that are getting more parking stress.”

    Smarter Parking is also about turnover in the CBD, giving everyone the opportunity to access shops and businesses.

  • Craig Covich
    Director of Environment and Planning , Mosman City Council

    As the Director of Environment and Planning for Mosman Council Craig fulfils a range of tasks relating to:

    • regulatory development and building activities;
    • environmental health and education programs and services including provision of domestic and commercial waste and recycling services, street sweeping and beach and reserve cleaning;
    • strategic urban planning and heritage advisory services;
    • engineering and asset management functions covering diverse items such as roads and traffic improvements, stormwater drainage, sea-walls and jetties, parks and gardens, play equipment, public buildings and structures, playing fields and bushland areas; and
    • the Ranger Services section which is the regulatory arm of Council.

    Craig has been part of Mosman Council for over 16 years covering roles such as Engineering, Traffic and  Asset Management.

  • John Purcell
    Parking Activity Manager , Hamilton City Council

    With responsibility for all parking activity in one of New Zealand's major cities, I am offering my services to the NZPA. I will provide a rare perspective that covers all the facets of a parking business from the strategic direction that meets the cities current and future plans, through to managing on-street operational delivery.

    My current priorities for Parking in Hamilton is to improve the image of the activity; to ensure that my staff are delivered with a safer working environment and to provide the most convenient parking experience to my customers.

    Nationwide public perception of the Parking activity will benefit from the deployment of sound and comparable business practices across the country, this will be facilitated through the sharing of information.

  • Lili Rosic
    General Manager City Strategy and Sustainable Development , City of Port Phillip

    Before joining the City of Port Phillip, Lili Rosic had a rich and rewarding career spanning more than 20 years in the community and Local Government sector, with senior management roles in the health, community, and more recently in compliance and regulatory services in local government.

    In her current role, Lili is responsible for the management of local laws, environmental health, animal management, immunisation, planning compliance, asset protection, school crossing and parking services in a fast-paced inner metropolitan Council.

    Her teams are required to work effectively across Council to improve the liveability and to find better ways to tackle safety & amenity issues in a culturally and socially diverse community that is forecast to increase by 59,991 persons (55.26% growth) by 2041.

    Lili is passionate about improving the design and delivery of regulatory services to best meet the community’s expectations and ultimately measurably improve the safety and amenities of the Port Phillip community. What is delivered right now needs to change to incorporate smart cities thinking and smart technology.

  • Ron Torres
    Director of Planning and Place , Glen Eira City Council

    Ron joined Council in 1996. He has more than 20 years’ experience in town planning in both inner-city and middle-ring municipalities.

    He has held a range of management roles and has extensive experience in statutory and strategic town planning, VCAT and planning panels. He has also successfully delivered a range of transport planning, sustainable development, animal management and economic development programs, each with a goal of safeguarding and developing community amenity and wellbeing.

    Ron has a Bachelor of Planning and Design (The University of Melbourne).

    Ron commenced the position in 2015.